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Video Creation/Editing Video Creation/Editing (3 items)
Something I have been working on.

Getting Vertical Getting Vertical (6 items)
Max Flight to 400ft AGL.

3-D 3-D (3 items)
Produced in Adobe Dimension

Airbrush Airbrush (6 items)

Photography Photography (19 items)
Digital Pictures

Graphic Design Graphic Design (5 items)

Digital  Digital (5 items)

Murals Murals (10 items)

Fine Art Fine Art (7 items)
Oils, Acrylics

Drawing Drawing (3 items)

Oddities Oddities (6 items)

Faux Finishing Faux Finishing (3 items)

Painted Signs Painted Signs (4 items)

Vehicle Parts Vehicle Parts (5 items)

Vehicle Paint Vehicle Paint (3 items)