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Your creativity and caring about detail is second-to-none.
-- Greg Josephs, 10/15/16

Impressive and diverse portfolio!
-- Mmeudt, 2/25/14

Nice work Ken!! Thanks for putting on my truck signage at Sign A Rama.
-- Craig Aycock, 4/11/13

Excellent work and you are talented in many different areas. Keep it up!!
-- Roger James, 11/13/11

Enjoyed your site you have a good imagination!
-- James Lasenby, 2/26/10

Great Work! You are very talented!
-- Corey From Doebotz, 2/19/10

-- Michael Kinslow, 11/29/09

Beautiful work Kenneth. Especially like the faux finishing.
-- Charon, 9/2/09

My sister just sent to me your site, and I must say I love your work, painting and the other media. Your work has such intensity in it. I enjoyed just looking at your site, would like to see further sometime soon, hope toi learn your Gallery Address. Yours most sncerely as I am a Painter too, and I paint mostly in Europe and Asia. My Clientelle is there and I show in Paris and Berlin most often. so good to see another artist's work, thank you for the treat today. sincerely, Thomas Gregory
-- Thomas Gregory, 3/17/09

Kenneth-Thanks for doing such a beautiful paint job on the putter....and I continue to marvel at the two drivers you did for me....take care
-- J Coccia, 2/15/09

Kenny-Amazing pieces...your work is truly like non other, amazing ideas. Do you have a gallery, This stuff needs to be seen!!
-- Heather Costantini, 12/27/08

Great website, your work is wonderful, but of course we knew that!! You did a great job for the Weston Brewer Family
-- Teressa Lowder, 9/16/08

Kenny - First I'm a huge fan of Dali. Have been since HS. Second, your work is beautiful. I'm so very happy you found your passion.
-- Courtney, 9/11/08

Congrats!!! Your work is truley amazing! Hope all is well...we miss you dearly.Hope to see you soon! peace and love, The Myszka family P.S. Ellie and Jean love it!!
-- Robert Myszka, 8/31/08

This is awesome work. I do my best to have some taste for art having grow up with a few artists in the New Hope school. I really was moved by the work you have on here. More then anything, having seen your work as a teenager I am most impressed by is how your work has matured but still has that incredible intense energy that it has always had. Nice work -- Craig Hitchen, 8/18/08
-- Craig Hitchen, 8/26/08

It has been a pleasure to work with you on the Adventure Beach project. The end result is absolutely breathtaking! You are a talent!
-- Debbie Brewer, 8/20/08

Your stuff rocks man. I love it!
-- Damon Adcock, 8/7/08