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Alfred Freddy Krupa (Kruppa)

Alfred Freddy Krupas study of ink painting began in late 80's ,at a former pupil of the famous Polish painter and member of the “Young Poland” movement prof.Jozef Mehoffer (1869-1946), his grandfather…
Alfred Freddy Krupas study of ink painting began in late 80's ,at a former pupil of the famous Polish painter and member of the “Young Poland” movement prof.Jozef Mehoffer (1869-1946), his grandfather and renowned Croatian-Yugoslavian watercolor painter and draftsman prof. Alfred Krupa (1915,Mikolow,Poland-1989,Karlovac,Croatia).
At the Academy of Fine Arts (University of Zagreb) studied with prof. Josip Biffel, Nikola Koydl, Vasilije Jordan and Zlatko Kauzlaric, where he graduated in 1995 with the exhibition of plain-air watercolors. 1992 – In the summer, together with Croatian Ministry of Defense he organizes a charity exhibition for the children of the deceased defenders, one of the first of this kind in the new state. He is in the class of professor Nikola Koydl. He exhibits in Duga Resa. Meets his future wife, Ljiljana at the “1992 War ZILIK” (Winter Painting Colony). Granted the City of Karlovac Scholarship for talented students. 1994 – Makes the first official portrait of mayor of Karlovac Ivan Benić and the prefect of Karlovac district Josip Jakovčić. Along with the poet Željko Mavretić publishes a pictorial and poetic map “Ti mahneš zvijezdama da stanu” (“You Wave the Stars to Stop”) Exhibits in Ozalj, Karlovac and Zagreb in the Society of Croato-Izrealian Friendship. (prefaced by Anton Bauer, PhD, member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Art). Writes „Akvarel-iskustva jednog praktičara“ ("Watercolor-experiences of one practitioner")and publishes “Malu recentnu kolekciju crteža” (“A Small Recent Collection of Drawings”). Along with Professor Zlatko Keser he goes to school of landscape organized by the Academy in Klek, near the delta of the Neretva river. Parallel to his studies he teaches at the Duga Resa Gymnasium, the Faculty of Textile Technology and Banija Elementary School. Travels to Padua and Florence where he paints at the banks of the river Arno. In 1995, Andreas Berlakovich PhD (1932-2008) Austrian diplomat and painter described Krupa's works with this words; "Drawings, and delicate translucent watercolors, transmitted to us concentrated expression of being , personality and things, just because they are limited to the most important, the line itself. And in the line Krupa is the strongest so far! Many great masters of art knew the expression lines. We think only on the nerve lines of Durer, or Rembrandt, or those of Piccaso, Miro ... I must say that Krupa works as his craft has been taught by them!“ 1997 – The chief curator of Art Pavilion in Zagreb Stanko Špoljarić writes the preface for his solo exhibition of paintings and drawings in Karlovac. Exibits at the Croatian Aquarelle Festival in Split. Visits the Royal Society of Aquarellists in London for the second time and works en plain-air in London. 1998 – works as a manager of Fine Arts Studio and Gallery in the “Zorin Dom” city theatre in Karlovac and organizes Culture Bus to the display of Monet and Hague School in Wienna. Organizes a number of solo exhibitions for artists of different profiles as well as scenography for “Kazališni kotao” and “Dramski studio”. Granted Japanese Ministry of Education Scholarship for Japanese drawing in Tokyo Gakugei University. Starts working as cars salesman for Korean firm Daewoo Motor. Croatian Army arranges a great solo exhibition in the Home of the Armed Forces of the Croatian Army „Zrinski“ reviewed by Stanko Špoljarić. Goes to postgraduate research to Japan. Travels to South Korea.At the Research Institute of Fine Arts/Tokyo Gakugei University-Tokyo in 1998/9 stayed in the class of prof. Akira Itoh,as first Croatian painter-recipient of the Japanese Government Scholarship. 2000 – Answering the call of art historian Nikola Alabaneže exhibits in the fine art project – study “Generacija 90-tih” (“The Generation of Nineties”).2001 – Accepted to the prestigious Royal College of Art-Drawing Studio in London, but is prevented from attending due to refusal of Ministry of Culture to finance his studies. 2003 – Teaches at Žakanje and Kamanje elementary school. Accepted to Royal Society for encouragement of the Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce under patronage of the Queen Elizabeth the Second. 2004 – Teaches at Duga Resa secondary school, at graphic design major. Gives a lecture on painting technique of aquarelle at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Organizes a school of drawing “Krupa”.2005 – Gets the professional title “Professor of Drawing and Painting” at the Croatian Institute of Education. Publishes a map of graphics titled “Zapisi” (“Notes”). Manages artistic and scenographic workshop at the city theatre. Member of school counsel of the oldest music school in Croatia. Author of the scenography and artistic props for the play “The Bold Soprano”.2006 – Takes part in the organization of the great retrospective exhibition of Alfred Krupa, Sr. by art historian Nikola Albaneže in “Vjekoslav Karas Gallery”. Manages artistic and scenographic workshop in the city theatre. 2008 – The City Museum of Karlovac arranges a great solo exhibition of drawings and paintings, which is reviewed by Professor Mladen Muić. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, LIKUM (Fine Artists’ Cooperative) organizes exhibitions “Krupa and Krupa”. In Tomislav Hauptfeld’s play in the “Zorin Dom” theatre in Karlovac he plays the character of Vjekoslav Karas, Croatian first modern painter, born in Karlovac.In 2011 Krupa won the royal patronage of painting of HM King Solomon Gafabusu Iguru I (Uganda). About Krupas work wrote art critics and historians Muić, Baldani, Spoljarić, Albaneže, Plevnik, Berlakovitch, Španicek, Stergar and others, and is represented in public and private collections in Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Bosnia ,USA ,Guatemala,United Kingdom and Croatia. In 2013 Freddy marked 20 years since he received his first scroll of rice paper and ink stick from university professor Zlata Meštrović at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. According to the Badan Rynkowych Institute survey report from 2007 (Opinie internautów o Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie, nagrodzonym projekcie budynku i wirtualnym Forum sztuki, among 70 most wanted currently working/creating artists in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (MSN) among questioned internet surfers interested in modern/contemporary art (page 28.).


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