Circular Musings: mixed-media/found-objects

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Circular Musings: mixed-media/found-objects


acrylics, found objects on cradled baswood panel
gallery edge - 24”w x 20”h x 1.5”d

I've always been fascinated with tiny bits of flotsam and jetsam. I see them with a special eye that takes in their inherent qualities and imbues them with a host of intrinsic associations and attributes.

In this case, Circular Musings is comprised of discards. Drawer knobs from a flea-market bin, crushed bottle caps found in the gutter, and paint stirring sticks rescued from a sceneshop garbage can. Why these things?

Well, the knobs and the caps are both circular. Look at the knobs closely though and you'll see beautiful wood grain and soft evidence of the touch of hands on them. Mundane becomes quietly sublime. The crenelations of the bottle caps give them a happy, crinkly feeling despite their lowly demise. And what associates them with the paint sticks? Why, the fact that the sticks' utility was in stirring paint ... in a circular pattern.

Circular Musings celebrates the tiny beauties of these otherwise worthless objects, giving them (in my eyes) immense significance in the universe.

   Shipping is free for the assemblage.


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