Charmed Life

Charmed Life
Chapter One

As I watched the doctors and nurses work on this man I was taken back with all his scars and tattoos, and how young he looked with his clothes off. He had a tan, well-muscled body and very little hair, but the scars and the ink were really rather impressive. Around each bulging bicep was barb wire; on his toned huge hairless chest was a black heart with barb wire around that. Near his belly below his navel the word “peckerwood” was ornately displayed only interrupted by a thick scar that started at his left nipple and formed a crescent that ended right above his enormous package.  And even his large penis had scars on it. There were round scars across his chest and written in an arc over each one was a black crude prison tat. “100% white boy” one read, and   “Honkey” circled another quarter sized healed hole. The blood was pouring out of this guy as fast as they could pump it in. I counted seven new bloody holes in his chest, stomach and shoulders. I watched as they frantically shaved his bloody head, I heard the pretty nurse gasp as a large black swastika revealed itself under his thick blonde hair.  When they flipped him over a huge crucifix stretched from shoulder to shoulder and right down to his powerful rear end.  Jesus Christ lay there staring right at those hard working folks now covered in this man’s blood. Four new bloody holes in his back, made eleven and some more jail house ink. His wide and muscular back was covered in red goo. The young black doctor yelled for more blood and more hands. I looked at the patience’s hands, they were burnt: the flesh black and peeling, his enormous forearms had naked ladies on them and the burns followed there shapely figures right up to the bullet holes in his shoulders. The round face of a bulldog was on one bloody shoulder and USMC was written on his other bowling ball size shoulder

Who is this fellow? I wondered; I hope he makes it I sure would like to find out where he got all those bullet holes and scars. I felt bad for this guy it sure looked like he had been through the ringer. Nobody seemed to notice me though; I mean who ever notices a 12 year old anyway.
















San Francisco General Hospital



 I left the trauma room number three and made my way to the lobby of San Francisco General Hospital. I looked out the large glass doors and noticed a group of people gathering outside; many of them held candles, a lot were looking at their phones some had I pads, all watching, crying, laughing and cheering. People were showing up in the car loads the city buses were dropping people off.  police were coming now and the crowd was noisy. More people, more cops, yellow tape, cops with bullhorns telling everyone to go home. More came, Chinese folks, Mexican folks, black folks and gangsters: there was a small contingent of shady looking young men in baggy clothes milling around the corners of the crowd, and the cops were watching them real hard.

I walked over to a young couple staring at a large TV screen in the lobby. The crowd grew inside; it seemed like all the workers at the hospital were gathered around this huge flat screen. The people in front were gesturing for the people to be quiet and asking how to turn the TV up. I slid easily towards the front almost seemed like I was walking through the people. When I landed a good viewing spot and the crowd inside grew silent as an Asian news reporter began an incredible story with something in Spanish and then something in Cantonese as far as I could figure it was “The Big Cat or tiger or Lion and then Third Street���. The people in the lobby grew silent as and the shoddy video began:

Two hooded masked men walked up to the doors of a school or School district building the Sign in front read San Francisco Unified school district. The men had gas cans in their hands and a big chain. They sat the gas cans down and started to run the big chains around the double doors. You could hear the gasps from the crowd inside the hospital as the little hands reached for daylight from between the big doors. The hooded men fastened a large paddle lock to the chain and spread the gas down the wooden walls and across the wooden doors. In about 20 seconds the cans were thrown in the garden area and a cigarette was tossed among them, with a loud boom the men ran holding their pants up back to the cars. Many in the lobby were crying loud now and holding each other as the old wood building went up in flames.

Suddenly; the video shifted to the play area. A stalky, what looked like a dark skinned blond man was running out of the buildings’ side door with what looked like four kids draped around his arms and neck and even one on his leg as he ran to the play structure, to what looked like a giant concrete pipe. As he turned to run back into the burning building the cries of the children could be heard in the background; this brought more screaming and crying from the crowd in the lobby of SF General. Before the blonde man could get back into the building the two hooded men ran to block his way. Both men had guns out pointed at his head and face. The blonde man neither slowed nor looked up and plowed through the gangsters like a linebacker to the quarterback, the flash of a gunshot could be seen as he barged by the masked men then what appeared to be an ear flew in the air. One of the shooters was knocked to the ground but the other reeled and sent a hail of gunfire into the smokey school as the burnt black blonde made his way to the cries of the children. Finally a siren could be heard in the background, and the masked men started backing away to their cars. Just then the man came out again with what looked like five kids all about 4 or 5 years old crying and hanging all over him he had three around his neck and one in each arm, in one fluid motion he swung the kids off his arms and neck and deposited them safely in the concrete pipe. As our hero turned to enter the inferno yet again a tall skinny masked gunman let off a barrage of gunfire, it was hard to tell how many hit the guy running in the building because he just slowed down a bit and almost dropped to one knee. No sooner did he get in he was out again with two more screaming kids one under each arm. He wheeled and tossed the two little ones into the pipe and as he turned a Skinny tall hoodlum had a pistol to his head. With all the sirens and crying and yelling you couldn’t make out what they were saying but they were talking. The skinny thug had one hand on his pants and one on his gun pressed firmly against the fore head, what was now a nearly naked burnt black tattooed man with some of the few shreds of clothes he had left, smoldering. The gunman kept motioning the blonde guy away from the pipe tunnel and jamming his pistol in the blondes’ forehead.  The muscular half naked man spit a black and bloody blob right in the gangsters face, then braced for retaliation with both hands across the front of the concrete safe place. The skinny gangster wheeled and brought his piece hard across the naked man’s face almost knocking him over. You could see the blood and teeth propel from the face of the children’s protector. The tall burnt guy righted himself again and braced for a shot to the head. The sirens grew louder and the skinny hit man looked to the street to see his buddies pointing at the police and fire trucks roaring down the wide street. This was just the break our big friend needed; as the tall gangster looked away a tremendous blow was delivered to the kidneys of the cowardly would be child killer. A blow so serious the gangster dropped his weapon and bent nearly in half with pain. The burnt black white man scooped up the pistol, and with one movement straightened up the gangster, spun him around and put one huge forearm around his skinny neck and had the child killer facing his gang begging them not to shoot him. The half-naked, bloody and burnt man walked slowly towards the other hooded masked men. The other gang members quickly started their cars and kept their big handguns out the windows and open doors. Shots rang out again as the fleeing masked men fired from their moving cars, hitting their partner several times. The big naked guy dropped his limp shield and fired several times into the fleeing caravan of raised shinny sedans with oversized tire rims. The gangster’s windows exploded as they sped in reverse right smack into the fire truck rumbling around the corner. A huge explosion followed and the crowd in the hospital lobby gasped in unison. The two gangster cars were engulfed in flames and dazed fireman wandered around their wrecked engine truck. The smoldering blond janitor dropped the pistol just as the boys in blue approached him with guns drawn. Men and women from the neighborhood were frantically bringing the crying children to the ambulance as the paramedics motioned them to stop.

The whole two block area was pure chaos now as the video panned around the scene: crying neighbors, cars on fire, firemen and gangbangers lay on blankets stretched across the parking lot nearby.

The San Francisco police had our nearly nude hero on his knees and handcuffed for a few seconds before he fell over in a pool of blood. The next few seconds of this flip video brought more screaming and crying to the already distraught crowd. Some of The children from the burning building wriggled free from their adults and made their way to our fallen hero.  As the paramedics scooped the bloody and burnt janitor onto a gurney five or six children circled the near dead man that carried them out of their smoldering school. They circled him as the Fireman wheeled him to the ambulance, the little ones holding the sides of the soiled gurney. One big black forearm rolled off the sheet and a 5 year old girl gently set the huge painted arm back on the red sheet that covered the man that saved her. The video went blank and our local newsman came on the screen.




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