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Very impressive art work.
-- Nigel Teo, 4/28/14

Hi da! wanted to say hi and tell you how much i love you!!! XOXOXO
-- The Geeg, 5/16/11

Rebecca CunninghamVery nice art work
-- Rebecca Cunningham, 1/11/10

Very functional website. Gallery samples are very beautiful. Love your work. It would be nice if you could share with us what inspired you to create the art pieces.
-- Justin, 4/19/09

Black Superman "man of color, man of steel. In my humble opinion, an aw inspiring work of contemporary modern art.
-- Daniel P Manza, 1/10/09

the use of color from kraal is amazing, this artist gets it!
-- Kevin James, 9/29/08

Lloyd KraalHi DA i love your artwork and especially the waterlillie instalation. Your the most talented person i know. I love you and look up to you.
-- Lloyd Kraal, 5/24/08

Hi Lloyd, Great website & I love your work! Angie "Gambini"
-- Angie, 5/4/08

 Lloyd KraalSan Francisco, CA415-847-7506