I was born in New York City and live and work in the rich cultural environment of Carnegie Hill on the Upper East Side. By training and practice I am a painter but in the last few years I have returned to the wonderful medium of photography which I initially fell in love with over thirty years ago. My painter's eye sees beauty all around me, whether in people’s unique faces, in gorgeous historical buildings, or in clothing strewn casually on my bed, and it is my desire to capture these moments of beauty so that they can be seen by all.
The quality of my photographs have been enriched and supported by years of studying the art of color, spatial relations and movement in both painting and textile design.

My artist parents began taking me to the Museum of Modern Art as a young child, and this immersion in modern masterpieces, which never stopped, set a high standard for my work. As a teenager I was fortunate to study with Jacob Lawrence. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in painting from Queens College of the City University of New York and the University of Cincinnati respectively, with additional studies at the Art Student’s League and the Brooklyn Museum School, among others. My paintings can be found in a number of private collections as well as in that of the Hudson River Museum.

My photographic vision has been also influenced by my twenty four year involvement with textile design which has brought to it a love for pattern. I owned and operated a successful textile design studio for twenty four years, and earned a reputation for my refined eye by the clothing designers I sold to and the textile designers whose work I critiqued.

It was my late friend Molly Seif who was responsible for reigniting my feelings for this medium. The combination of her expressive personality and her enjoyment of being a subject inspired an extremely gratifying creative collaboration and a compelling visual record of the last two years of her life.


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