Within seconds of being introduced to dear little Molly in September of 2003, when I came to be interviewed for the weekend companion job, I felt struck by cupid's arrow. The family left afterward saying "Why don't you stay for a while and get to know each other?" Although Molly hadn't looked at all happy about the prospect of having yet another strange woman come to take care of her, she proceeded to take me on a grand tour of her Upper West Side apartment, tastefully filled to the brim with art, books and plants. I exclaimed over the teeny birds on the blue and white Chinese plates arranged on the wall, and over the photograph of her late husband at the United Nations, and by the end of the tour she bade me goodbye at the door, looking up at me with the most gratefully expectant eyes I had ever seen. It was a magical connection from the start; and this kind of beautiful moment came to be repeated many times over the next two years.

One of the most special aspects of our relationship ensued from her reinspiring my interest in photography, which gave us a delightful and mutually fulfilling activity to share. She was just the most appealing subject not only because she was so dear, but because of her actor's love of having an appreciative audience. She passed away at the awesome age of 99, her 100th year, which she so wanted to achieve. I was tremendously blessed to know her and treasure the precious memories of our time together.

I hope that this little exhibition will spread the beautiful vibration of her great and very unique spirit; so that she will continue to have an audience as delighted by her sweetness, her strength, and her expressivity as were those privileged to know her when she was alive.


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