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It was great talking with you. Your artwork is a beautiful reflection of your love of life.
-- Kathleen, 6/22/16

Congratulations on your show at the Majestic Inn. I can see that your time on Camano has influenced your artwork! Enjoy!
-- Melanie Serroels, 6/6/15

I just bought 'Quick Study' for my husband as a gift. It was on display at the Majestic Inn & Spa in Anacortes. We saw your work on the wall and we had to stop and look at it. It was completely unavoidable! You are a truly brilliant artist. If you don't mind me asking, what was your inspiration for this particular piece?
-- Jake Saban, 6/28/14

Brilliant work!!
-- Jeremey Beck, 4/20/13

You were always a huge inspiration for me as my high school art teacher. I took a break from painting to teach and then stay at home with my two girls, but I am getting back into it. After looking at your beautiful paintings, you have inspired me all over again. Thank you!
-- Heidi (Price) Hanson, 9/26/12

Your work is amazing! I love the layers or color and general composition of your pieces. I wish I had taken a class from you...maybe there is still time. We miss you at JHS. It looks like you are enjoying your retirement.
-- Niki Cassaro, 4/21/12

Hi Lois, Lovely meal Saturday evening with both of you at Sylvia's. Your work is awesome. I especially like the mirrored trees with the blues and yellows. Wow! Also, the open door piece makes one want to see more.
-- Rosemarie Dunlop, 2/19/12

Great website, beautiful paintings & it was great meeting you at dinner @ the Sylvia Beach Hotel!
-- Lee Anne Chandler, 2/18/12

your art looks great. Hope life is wonderful. I miss having you next door.
-- Greg Shelton, 2/2/12

Lois, looks like you are staying busy doing beautiful work. The colors, the textures, the light, your art brings me one step closer to spring.
-- Ines Bergman, 2/2/12

I was just looking at the selection of your works here and describing my impressions to your brother John. I then found that I used many of the same words you use in your Statement. Beautiful and bravo!
-- Paul Converse, 12/26/11

exceptional art.
-- Michael Stahnke, 12/12/11

Lois these are beautiful! I love the layering of your first painting! ~ I have worked with your brother Paul this semester and have really enjoyed listening to his describing your work! It was wonderful to finally see it! Good luck with your future endeavors!
-- Leanne Longeway, 12/12/11

Wow! I love the blending of colors and textures. Even on the flat screen of a computer, I can "feel" texture and movement. Way cool.
-- Marjeanne, 12/9/11

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