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You work is a lot of fun to look at and peruse, especially the p[ortraits. Maybe 'fun' is not the word/term to use but I see them this way. Colorful and fun.
-- Bill Hogan, 5/11/13

Your artwork is fantastic! I particularly like the pics in Unity Magazine. Very nice!
-- Carolyn Tinkle, 3/28/12

Great website! You are so talented.
-- Helen Mizer, 4/30/11

Lorraine Agri's almost portraits of people we've never met but know all too well. Offkey facial expressions and body language capture a gentle irony always lurking in our everyday life - at the supermarket, over a cup of coffee, anywhere---even (especially?) in our memories. f we look a little too closely we just might recognize ourselves.
-- Robley Whitson, 3/4/11

Great work - good color and FUNKY.
-- Rosemary, 8/22/10

As always, it is so much fun to look at your work, old and new!
-- Gere Gallagher, 12/21/09

you make everyday people have attitude!!!!
-- Joyce Colvario, 6/21/09

I enjoyed looking at your work. Very impressive website! I liked the way you explained each media that you use. Thanks for inviting me to your website.
-- Janet Libby, 6/19/09

Great!!! Thanks for sending this to me...
-- Helen O'brien, 3/5/09

Great to see you guys! Your work and website look great! Good luck in New Caanan tomorrow!
-- Steve Feldman, 10/18/08

-- Barbara Grossman, 4/20/08