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Still Life Still Life
Most of my still life paintings are compositions that I set up on my kitchen counter.  I love the reflections that I get from the items sitting on the black granite

Landscape Landscape
These landscape paintings are done in my studio working from my own photos.  I prefer painting landscapes that show the beauty of nature untouched by man. 

Plein Air Plein Air
Plein air paintings, both landscape and still life, are paintings that are done outside under natural light.  The challenge of plein air painting is that the light and shadows on your subject are continually shifting with the passing of the sun requiring you to paint quickly and capture the impression of your subject rather than a detailed study like that which could be created in the studio.

Truck Series Truck Series
These 1935 (approximate) International Harvesters are parked along highway 41 between Atascadero and Moro Bay, California. After painting "The Old Gentlemen's Club" I decided to paint portraits of the members of the club. The members' names are names that were popular for men in 1935. 

Walk This Way Walk This Way
This is a series of seven oil paintings of roosters. Each rooster has an etiquette lesson chosen for it based on the posturing of the rooster.

Sunflowers Sunflowers
There is just something about sunflowers that seems to talk to us.