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Bracelets Bracelets
My bracelets emphasize fun.

I rarely make 2 similar ones back to back.

Charms Charms
These little items can be used to embellish something plain, bring some coordination to something that otherwise might look disjointed, or just stand out as statements on their own.


Earrings Earrings
I think of earrings as being sisters, but not necessarily identical twins. Some designs lend themselves to symmetry, which is how most people wear their earrings. That is, the left and right are identical. I much prefer balance. Interest is created by tension. A pair of such earrings will have a unifying element (design, size, material), but each one will be unique.

Pendant Pendant
Got a chain, but need a new look, just add one of these pendants!

Or, purchase a pendant with one of the ready made chains that I keep in stock.

Necklace Necklace
I am sometimes asked if I have a "set", that is, matching necklace, earrings, bracelet, etc. While I can make such a beast, I prefer not to. Life is too full of the easy way out......a big box store concept......just get everything to match and you are good to go. This is a concept that dates itself. A more interesting look is one in which the separate elements coordinate with each other. Or, better yet, complete a look with a statement piece!

Custom Requests Custom Requests
I do like the challenge of making a customer's idea come to life.

Currently, I only work in Sterling Silver, Pure Silver, Argentium, Bronze or Brass and Copper.

Repairs: I will assess each repair on a piece by piece basis, and will be honest with you if something is beyond my scope. Cost is $15.00 per 1/2hour plus parts.

Recent Creations Recent Creations
This category is a gathering of my latest items, before they are categorized.