Jane M ForthLove your work. Wonderful color and lively subjects! And thank you for commenting on my work.
-- Jane M Forth, 8/10/21

Carol MedfordLove your "Vintage Reproductions". Unique.
-- Carol Medford, 1/1/21

Fatima Young ArtReally like your Vintage Reproductions. They have great color and whimsy.
-- Fatima Young Art, 8/4/20

Kathlynn najeracolorful amazing 5 years of Art! Non-conforming
-- Kathlynn najera, 8/15/19

I love the Corita painting because it's heartwarming to think about that famous outdoor art installation that I haven't seen in person in years. Sister Corita sure knew how to beautify our world, even if it was just preaching to the choir! Happy Thanksgiving!
-- Saahmra, 11/22/17

Thank you so much for your comment on my page (Jana Fantasy Art)...I love what you do as well. Thank you for your support and feedback. As you know, it's always very rewarding.
-- Jana Stamps, 2/1/17

Great work Mark, personal favorites are the interiors reminiscent of Matisse but I also really love some of your scenes depicting weather and astrologic phenomena. Supernova has a lot of reversible dimensions and I cant wait to see more from you. All the best, Will
-- Will, 10/25/16

Love your work! Colors are superb....
-- Marlene Levitt, 7/14/16

I like the new additions on climate change, esp. "Global Warming", the brush strokes give you the feeling of heat, like the world is heating up. It's wonderful!
-- Pat, 1/7/16

Thanks for visiting my Zhibit site. As you can see I still haven't figured out what I want to paint when I grow up. I'm working towards your bravery with color...a la "De Grazia"
-- Jerry Meloche, 10/20/15

You should sell them at or come to a firespinning retreat! The yoga and tai chi pictures really stand out to the type of people who also participate in the "flow arts," and if you don't know what the flow arts are, you should come see it in person! Your paintings are not short of gorgeous.
-- Leora Cramer, 7/6/15

love the colors you have added to the yoga paintings!
-- Pat, 5/15/15

I like the strength of this new piece, very powerful, the colors work well.
-- Pat, 3/8/15

wonderful pieces, love the Hawaiian additions.
-- Pat, 2/8/15

The Yoga Sunset series is powerful, showing how doing the sun salutations is only the start of connecting with the bright energy of the sun. I love the silhouette aspect of the paintings. Namaste!
-- Samra, 11/11/14

AGNIVESHLovely work Mark keep it up God bless u
-- AGNIVESH, 10/25/14

I also like the titles you have given the silhouettes, it adds to the whole painting.
-- Pat Peter, 9/15/14

I really like the way the silhouettes look all together, very nice.
-- Pat Peter, 9/15/14

I appreciate your commend of the various media and the respective formats...Best regards...andre
-- Andre Grabowicz, 7/14/14

I look forward to seeing some of your work at The Middle East,on the 14th
-- Lisa Amato, 6/28/14

Very nice work!
-- Ben Zion, 6/4/14

I am originally from the northeast and love the colors and subjects you choose! I especially like your oil pastels-beautiful!
-- Alexandria Winslow, 5/9/14

PRIYADARSHI GAUTAMwonderful , colorful works , remind me of Henri Matisse , very much enjoyed watching , keep up the good work Mark

All your work is wonderful, love all of it!
-- Pat Peter, 4/7/14

I love the work, persistence pays off..
-- Mask, 2/25/14

Outstanding use of color. Very energetic paintings!
-- Elayna Clegg, 2/7/14

You have an eye for capturing iconic figures in sports and iconic places, all in living color. Just like TV, your painting career has come a long way!
-- Samra, 1/28/14

Dodie OrtlandThanks for viewing my Zhibit site and your kind comments. I looked at your work and really enjoy the colors and action! Keep up the good work Mark!
-- Dodie Ortland, 8/19/13

john scott pedleyvery cool and love the style it is not easy to come up with something fresh these days. but you did it congrats
-- john scott pedley, 6/24/13

Great works! Keep it up. Em
-- Emmie, 4/7/13

Astrid V. SamosEnjoyed your art. Inspires me to paint more! I love paintings with lots of great, bright colors like yours! Awesome work. Can see the passion!
-- Astrid V. Samos, 4/3/13

Ellis BurgessGreat colours Mark, like your ideas.
-- Ellis Burgess, 1/30/13

Sharif Hasan O'NealThe work is getting comfortably great for you. You're doing well and accomplishing your objective more with every new piece. Good work. Sharif
-- Sharif Hasan O'Neal, 1/11/13

BEN WANGVery nice paintings, happy colors
-- BEN WANG, 12/19/12

Hi Mark, Really enjoyed your art....can see Van Gogh's influence in the landscapes. Even though I am not a sports fan I really liked the way you have captured the action ....and I like the colors /background. Thanks for the guest ticket ...had fun.
-- Pallavi, 12/15/12

Nice color and composition. We especially like the Boston scenes which are evocative and nostalgic.
-- Jerry And Eleanor, 9/3/12

There are many rare beauties on this site, I especially like the artists refreshing takes on common/ well known worldly sites. Will be back again!!
-- Emmie Mcdonell, 9/2/12