Carol grew up in the beautiful state of Michigan, and now lives in the great State of Texas.   It became evident in her early days of painting that she was very moved by the use of color and she found scenic beauty across the United States inspired her artistic expression.  She has attended Artist workshops in the United States and Canada which have contributed to development of her personal artistic style of painting with oil and watercolor.  She focuses primarily on landscape, figurative and still life and enjoys the never ending journey of learning, and is a member of Oil Painters of America.  

When asked what motivates and challenges her, she said:  
  I thought of something a friend said:   "Our most intense feelings can be in those moments when the beauty of nature brings us to silence." (Cindy McElwain).  This statement expresses my feelings when I stand in the grandeur of nature.  This is when I am motivated  to capture that vista, that moment of inspiration that brought me to silence.

I hope you enjoy my art,  Carol Medford


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Beautiful artwork by my beautiful mother.
-- Joy, 12/27/20