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I grew up in the beautiful state of Michigan, and now live in the great State of Texas.   It my early days of painting I realized that I am very moved by the use of color and I found scenic beauty across the United States to inspire that artistic expression.  I have attended artist workshops in the United States and Canada which have contributed to development of my personal artistic style of painting with oil and watercolor.  I focus primarily on landscape, figurative and still life and enjoy the never ending journey of learning, and am a member of Oil Painters of America.  

When asked what motivates and challenges me:
A friend said:  "Our most intense feelings can be in those moments when the beauty of nature brings us to silence."     This statement expresses my feelings when I stand in the grandeur of nature.  That is when I am motivated  to capture that vista, that moment of inspiration that brought me to silence.

I hope you enjoy my art,  Carol Medford



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Beautiful artwork by my beautiful mother.
-- Joy, 12/27/20

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