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Mark Kertzman (Maak)

Artist directory :: Mark Kertzman (Maak)


Mark Kertzman 
If anyone had predicted five years ago that painting would be an important part of my life or that people would pay actual American dollars for my paintings or that I would receive some honors in regard to them I would have offered them a beautiful white coat that fastened in the back. But the truth of the matter is that painting has become an important part of my life. Five years ago I would have said why would I try painting I can't draw worth a lick (whatever a lick was going for in those days) but I gave it a shot and found I liked it. The time goes by so quickly when I paint and if something is bothering me before I start painting I forget what it was as I get lost in the process. I would urge everyone to try it. What have you got to lose. You might...


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Cambridge, MA 02139
United States


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