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Mark Kertzman (Maak)

Artist directory :: Mark Kertzman (Maak)


Mark Kertzman 
Mark started painting at the young and tender age of 60. He is self taught in the art of talking about himself in the third person rather than learning that in art school like most artists. He studied under David Hockney Vincent Van Gogh and Vincent Price. He won the Zsa Zsa Award for being able to wear three hats at once while painting. He once did a painting without getting any paint on his hands or the table. You may notice that some of his paintings were actually done by his pet monkey. Unfortunately the monkey sold more paintings than Mark last year. Mark has stolen ideas from some of the greatest artists. For instance he got the idea to spread butter on the canvas from Frederico Gabelli a waiter at the Four Seasons. It was his idea though to add...


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Cambridge, MA 02139
United States


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