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Marie just sent me a link to your website. I love your work! Looking forward to meeting you soon in wild, wonderful West Virginia.
-- Diane Wellman, 10/8/18

Marnie: Your work is phenomenal! I am so inspired. Love you! Marie
-- Marie Manilla, 11/1/16

One of your biggest fans. Love your work!! 珞
-- Randy Unruh, 10/2/16

My fav of the new work is Winter Quiet. Reminds me of Western Iowa. Suddenly I was 8 years old again.
-- Ruth Ann , 3/26/15

Love the new work!
-- Marie Manilla, 3/4/15

Beautiful work! See you next week
-- Jack Adams, 6/11/14

Hi Marnell! I met you yesterday at Jury Duty! Your work is WONDERFUL! I really enjoyed meeting you. Thanks for sharing your art with me!
-- Emi, 5/20/14

Just came from your solo exhibit at My Wine Cellar and had to see more on your website. I am full to the brim and happy. Thanks for creating and sharing such lovely work.
-- Ruth Ann Lefebvre, 4/5/14

Marnelle, it was such a lovely visit at your gallery. It was like visit in an enchanting space with a little different dimension than our world. Love it. Elizabeth Poplawski 7/13/2013
-- Elizabeth Poplawski, 7/13/13

I can't believe how many amazing pieces got sold before I even saw them. I have to check more often! I love your composition, your colors, and your creative and varied topics.
-- Paula Benson, 8/16/12

I love the new works, Marnie! Absolutely beautiful!
-- Marie Manilla, 8/7/12

I am so happy to see your art career blossom, it is in full bloom I should say. Congratulations.
-- Sally Olsen Griewahn, 6/5/12

You are downright prolific! Love your style - really enjoyed seeing your latest works! Excellent!!!
-- Bbd, 3/4/12

Your work is so soft and dreamy! Beautiful renditions of animals. . .I am envious!
-- Barbara Lacy, 1/31/12

Beautiful work. . .
-- Barbara Lacy, 12/26/11

Hi, Marnie: I LOVE the new works. Christina even mentioned them on Facebook and gave you a nice plug. I hope it's okay, but I borrowed "Piper's Circle Under a Red Sky" for my December "Art of the Month." It just seemed perfect for Christmas. Love-love-love, MMMM
-- Marie Manilla, 12/10/11

Jan SwanLove, love, love your paintings -- especially your animals.
-- Jan Swan, 8/15/11

Love all your work...
-- Randi Albrechtsen, 8/14/11

Bravo on the art, the website and really love Elena's pics.
-- Phil K, 8/9/11

LOVE your art! Really enjoyed visiting your "gallery" again... beautiful, pleasing, excellent work!!!
-- Barbara Bingham Deutscher, 8/4/11