MAY ALSOUZ

By artist: R. Jean Vallieres M.O.

 Since youth, May Alsouz (Iraqi-American Artist )  has been attracted to color, paper, and the works of famous artists. From early childhood she found herself painting and passionately studying art books. After having taken her Bachelor's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, Bagdad University, she soon discovered that knowledge of the English language was an indispensable tool needed to advance her understanding the art of multiple cultures and civilizations. This led her to return to Baghdad University where she earns her second bachelor’s degree, this time in the English Language.
Her forty year journey as an artist has enabled May to develop a fully unique painting technique that reflects her Iraqi cultural heritage. Each of her paintings summarizes the many art styles she has practiced over the years, all leading to her singular, exotic modern style.

Her singular technique and choice of bold, bright primary colors reflects a scholarly comprehension of Iraqi rural culture, popular superstitious symbols, and folkloric objects. Each of her works incorporates local legend projected in bright colors over a dark background.
In addition to her painting career, May Alsouz has had a long, distinguished career as a published translator and Arabic art critic.  She has also produced over 750 illustrations, six children’s books and several Iraqi children’s publications. In her early career she worked as an artist, illustrator and translator for the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, national publications, newspapers in Iraq as well in some  middle-eastern countries.

In 1977, May was awarded a solo exhibition in the prestigious Always Club in Baghdad.  She has also participated in several prestigious Iraqi and middle-eastern and European group art exhibitions to include: Almustansiriya Exhibition in Almustansiriya University in Baghdad; The Orfali Gallery Exhibitions in Iraq; the Magic Pen Exhibition in Belgrade Czechoslovakia to highlight a few.  Several of her works of art can be found in private collections, within the Iraq Ministry of Culture and Jordanian Ministry of Information.
2015- May Alsouz has been selected as Virginia  artist of the year in Exploring Tosca Magazine-  pages 57 &63 Spring 2015 issue- Minnesota- USA.. Copy and paste the link below in the web ; 


2002- May Al-Souz was Awarded by the Ministry of Culture  –Iraq for translating the most press articles in 3 year period (1999-2001)

Free Lance Translator in Liberty Language Services 2012-present Virginia -USA
Freelance Translator in Iraq published more than 150 articles in public and governmental sectors 1984-2006
Art critic translator, Arabic proof reader and editorial member of Al-Mamoun magazine, Ministry of Culture  -1998-2006-Iraq
Art critic translator In  the English magazine "GILGAMESH",Ministry of Culture & Information from 1998 to 2004- Iraq
Translator /English Department /Ministry of Culture & Information -Iraq 1998-2000
Translator in Children's Culture House magazines / Ministry of Culture / Iraq -Baghdad1984-1998. 

Coordinated three British art exhibitions for the British Council in Iraq 1982-1983

Served as professional illustrator in the Ministry of Culture & Information, Children’s Culture House 1984-2003
Illustrator in Children's Culture House magazines 'MAJALLETI'" and "ALMIZMAR"/ Ministry of Culture  & Information/ Iraq -Baghdad1984-1998
Illustrated  six children's books five of which published by The Ministry of Culture -Iraq and  One  in Kuwait

Arranged several children’s painting exhibitions, festivals and  children’s Book's Illustrations /Children Culture house ,Ministry of Culture & Information 1986-1990
Director of the International Relations in the  Children's Culture House/ Ministry of Culture & Information, Iraq 1986-1990
Worked as a fashion designer and & painter on fabrics in the Iraqi Fashion House / Ministry of Culture & Information/Iraq 1982-1983.
Worked as an illustrator and translator in “Wissam” children’s   Jordanian   Magazine -1993-1994, Ministry of Information-Jordan
Illustrator in “Sinbad”    Magazine, for  the  UNICEF & Children's Culture House Cooperation 2002-03/Iraq

 Designed a series of greeting cards for mass  production (50,000 cards) in Iraq, 1983. 
مي السوز   فنانة تشكيلية في برنامج كمال يلدو   /١٦ ديسمبر 
عام ٢٠٢١ 

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Certificate -Professional Medical Interpreter - Liberty Language Center 2012 -USA
College  course work " Introduction to Medical Language - NOVA  Community College - USA 2011
Bachelor's degree in English language - Bagdad University 1998
Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts - Academy  of Fine Arts - Painting - Baghdad University 1974

 Member of Empowered Women International Organization (EWI)-USA
 Member of   Iraqi Fine Art Union 
 Member of  Iraqi Journalists Union
 Member of the Arab Journalists'  confederation  


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The bright  and vivid colors  in May Alsouz’s paintings  are art for the sake of art only . They  do not bear  connotations and concepts  of a certain organization  or a  special society  . Her art does not  Symbolize  a particular group of people or a party. The colors May Alsouz uses in  most of her paintings are primarily inspired by the pure , vivid  colors and   Beautiful symbols  that are heavily used In daily life in the countryside of her original country, Iraq.