Welcome to Miho's gallery!
As a writer and translator of children's literature in Japan I have published a variety of books.  Although I enjoyed my work, there was always a feeling of frustration that I could tell my stories only to people, young or old, who read Japanese. Unlike visual art, literature is burdened with the language barrier.

Now I create stories with my drawings. Women and children-- especially those who are forgotten and cannot speak for themselves-- are my main subject.  While adapting old masters’ pieces helps me develop my skills, vines and fruit give me a fresh air for my drawing experiences. Surrounded by beautiful and mysterious desert scenery, the Arizona Hattie series was born. She, like myself, loves hats, and looks at the world with eyes open or shut.

I hope all of my 'people' will speak to you through my work. You can click the images to enlarge. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CLICK ON 'ARTWORK' ON THE LEFT-HAND SIDE TO BEGIN. 

Welcome to Miho's Gallery!

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