Block Prints and Woodcuts Block Prints and Woodcuts
Block printing is a process were a plate is drawn on and then carved. The raised area that remains accepts the ink and is printed on paper. For multicolor images, a series of images are printed with the first color. The plate is then carved again, ink and then printed over the top of the first layer. This process is repeated until the desired effects are achieved.

The Process of creating Multicolored Prints The Process of creating Multicolored Prints
Many people have asked me about the process of creating multicolored prints. I have started this gallery to help show the process. By clicking on the arrows below the images you show be able to scroll between the layers of ink and watch the print develop. This is a work in progress. Currently, this print has five layers, I foresee it having eight or nine by the time I am finished. More will be added later.

Drypoint Etching Drypoint Etching
Drypoint Etching is a style of etching were a plate, typically copper, is etched using a hardened stylist. The stylist creates a raised burr on the plate. Ink is then forced into that burr and then the image is printed onto paper.

Color Photography Color Photography
This gallery houses a collection of my color photographs taken from various trips and travels. All are take with a traditional non-digital SLR camera.

Photo Experiments Photo Experiments
Here is a collection of works that represent some of the new directions and ideas that I am pursuing. Being that some of these ideas are still in the "experimental" stages, feel free to give any constructive criticism, thoughts or reflections.

Blackbird Fly Blackbird Fly
These images were taken with my TLR Blackbird Fly. Images were shot with cross-processed slide film or traditional negatives. Enjoy

Charcoals Charcoals
Most of these Images are 18" x 24". For more information about ordering prints or originals of these images the artist through the website.

Large Scale Portrait Project Large Scale Portrait Project
The Large Scale Portrait Project is an extension of my on-going series of charcoal portraits featuring people that many of us see everyday. The subjects are taken from our local downtown area - residents and business owners- as a sort of homage to the people working to make a more vibrant and livable downtown area. As more and more of these smaller portraits were created, I desired to experience the effect and power of a portrait that has been monumentalized. This collection of eight large-scale portraits highlight work created within a month period at the VOCA studio. 

In working in such a large scale, ladders and a large space became essential. In the creating process, charcoal marks made would have to be viewed from across the gallery to comprehend proportion and effect. The drawing process, itself, also changed from typical small movements to large swooping movements almost like a dance. Building up areas of darkness by scribbling, hatching and smearing helped create an active energy within the portraits. Various shapes of erasers were used as mark makers to create highlights and develop textures. Images were typically built up using layers of these techniques until the desired effect was achieved. Working in a large format allowed for new tools to be used: bristle brushes, fist sized chunks of charcoal and various cloth rags were all utilized as a means for experimental mark making. 

I would like thank each of my subjects for trusting me with their likeness for this project. It truly has been an honor. And to VOCA for allowing the use of their amazing space and time to create these works.

HeArts of Clark County HeArts of Clark County
The HeArts of Clark County was a fundraising project for the Heart and Vascular Surgical Theater at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. Thirty HeArts were created by various artists and then auctioned off to community members and businesses. For more information on this project go to 

 Michael SmithVancouver, WA360 721-3453