Born in Tripoli, Lebanon in September 1983  in a family which was much more interested in sciences than art.

 Being the third of two brothers and two sisters, she chose to become an artist. at the age of 18 she entered the IBA (Institut Des Beaux Arts) in Tripoli, where she was  a revolutionary student who  continuously searched for the “new”, the”different”:an attitude which wasn’t that much sympathised by the Academic system at that time..however, despite these circumstances she was the first of her generation during all the four years of learning, getting a Diploma of High Studies in Fine Arts in (2005).

In (2006) she moved to Beirut and continued her Masters in Plastic Arts in ALBA,Sin el Fil taking video art as Major project.
In 2015  she moved to Berlin Germany where she is actually living , doing Masters Studies in Art in Context at the UDK Berlin
Artist statement:

As an uprising artist I keep searching and  curiously discovering the media, languages that can correspond the most with what I would like to say  considering my position as :

1- an artist of the current era (including all artistic languages /mediums of the XXI st century .)

2-a Lebanese artist, living in Lebanon including (all the current sociopolitical circumstances that shape the country and the surrounding…),

thus I try through art to embody my lived experiences on the human and social levels at once.

On the human level:

I seek to explore the dimensions of “Being” that can fulfill my spirit and answer my limitless philosophical questions about Life, Existence, humanity…

On the social level: and on the way of Josef Beuys, I believe in the relevant relationship between art and society…trying to dissolve the limits between them:

living in Lebanon and specifically in Tripoli, north Lebanon including the religious sociopolitical  composition of the place, I try through art to evoke questions concerning this context which witnessed and is still witnessing conflicts that ended by a civil war that we still hear its echoes  till the current times in Tripoli..

And since art can’t stay aside from its surrounding, I can’t subtract myself from the context of time/place in which I live especially this current time that is a critical  and  full of chaos and change.

So far… as an artist  I see I should play a certain role reflecting the lived context and I believe in the power of art  as described by the romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley: “Art is the power that transforms the world”.


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