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As a fellow Tasmanian East Coast dweller and budding artist I was very excited to see your work. Gorgeous colours and images!
-- Nettie Smith, 3/1/21

Valery LarsonBeautiful and vibrant work. I look forward to seeing more. I am a fellow zhibitor and am excited to share an artist tour to Oxford, England with you. You can check out the information at
-- Valery Larson, 6/26/19

Came across your work travelling to Launceston ....Love it!
-- Janice Fahey, 12/9/18

Mark KertzmanWas atttacted to your site when "The Islands was featured on Zhibit. I also really like your unique way oof capturing people. Keep up the good work!
-- Mark Kertzman, 3/19/18

Your work is beautiful and flows with a liquidity
-- Roslyn Nixon, 11/21/17

Loved your work. When are you having an exhibition? Are you coming to the mainland? We have a lovely gallery at Robe
-- Chrystabelle Corbin, 3/17/14

Dear Ornella, My mum saw your work in Tassie and is a lover of Klimt, so loved your 'Island Dreamer'. Is it still for sale? If so what is its size and price please? regards,Sara Farmer
-- Sara Farmer, 4/5/13

We are interested in purchasing a piece of Nells colourful art work.
-- Alison Hugo, 2/2/13

Felice CiprianiGood Work ...Bravo Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 10/4/11

I find your art truly inspiring and in tune with my creative vision for colour, texture and individual expression. Iam only an ameature in this field but after viewing some of your beautiful art work I know I will continue to express myself on canvas. Thankyou, Marie
-- Marie Delany, 4/27/11

good work !! sand
-- Lemondedesand, 1/21/11

Saw one of your works at Campbell Town but coundn't find that one on the site
-- Delphine Luff, 10/27/10

hey, Nell, I am really enjoying the introduction of figures into your work xxx
-- Claudia, 2/1/10

love your work! the colour, the vibrance & the energy all combine to provide a delightful visual experience. thanks nell.
-- Steve D'avis, 4/4/09

Hi Nell The paintings are beautiful, I love all the dragonflys! Hope to catch up with you when we come down next! Cathy
-- Cathy Wheatley, 2/3/09

On my two trips through Campbelltown , not only is the coffee good ..your art magnificent. I saw the geckos in March and returned in November to purchase. They will climb the walls of our 'to be' shedhouse to a view of sandhills and Spencer Gulf ! Perhaps the dragonflies too. Moira MacAulay
-- Moira Macaulay, 2/1/09

Nell, your exhibition pieces are beautiful. They convey an ethereal and mystic feeling. I really think you have found your path with these. Best wishes with the exhibition and the future. You are a very talented artist.
-- Kate, 1/26/09

Really great! Fairy, Madonna and Tulip tango are my favorite.
-- Venetia, 1/24/09

What amazing work. Hope to catch up with your exhibition in Hobart - you deserve to do really well!
-- Lee Schulze, 1/17/09

Wow! Your work is just amazing! I can't wait to see the rest of your work at your upcoming exhibition. Just amazing stuff and I LOVE geckos!!
-- Kelly & Andrew Mcgill, 12/14/08

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