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Ornella Imber. Artist - Painter

Artist directory :: Ornella Imber. Artist - Painter

Ornella's paintings will brighten and lift any room. Her paintings are inspired by a relaxed beach lifestyle on the East Coast of Tasmania.

Ornella Imber.  Artist - Painter


Ornella Imber 
Ornella Imber lives on the idyllic East Coast of Tasmania. She is a coastal dweller and if you have ever visited this picturesque part of the world it becomes obvious where Ornella gains her inspiration. Vibrant colours, delicate patterns and sweeping textures are the artistic tools that help to create paintings of exotic beauty. With painterly exuberance she produces images that will brighten any space. Ornella has studied Visual Art at University and has been practicing as an artist for over 20 years. She has shown her work in several collaborative and solo exhibitions. Ornella has paintings in collections locally, nationally and internationally. If you find that the painting that you like has sold, Ornella welcomes commissions and is happy to hear...


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PO Box 1
Scamander, TS 7215


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