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Your talent POPS and enhances, shining light, and giving new life to old familiar faces. Beautiful work!
-- Michelle, 12/9/23

Whimsically wonderful
-- Roderick Woodruff, 8/24/19

i like your art works-roosta and tiger ,and girls
-- Swamy, 7/8/17

Mark KertzmanWow! Love your portraits! Keep up the good work!-Maak
-- Mark Kertzman, 3/27/17

I love this site!!!!! Please send me more info
-- Jar'neen Towns, 4/21/14

your art invokes smiles
-- Judah, 3/11/14

Beautiful work!
-- Marlena Adams Smith, 6/12/11

would like permission to add your web page to my link on my web page, let me know, great work tanya
-- Caryne Mender, 2/14/11

your art is inspiring and the boldness of the images are awesome!
-- Tiffany, 6/10/10

AWESOME Art!!! I love the colors!
-- Alicia, 2/2/10

I like the colors and shapes, I would like to see them on walls, prints, magazines!
-- Mario Galindo, 10/12/09

Tanya, I love your work. You do great design on all you are given. Keep up the excellent work!
-- Apowell, 10/9/09

My two papers Im working on ar John Cage and Marcel Duchamp. Can I display zhibit on facebook as a supporter of. I absolutely love the work and excited about the accomplishment. Did I tell you I wanted to open a gallery here in wynwood art district.
-- Caryne Mender, 8/24/09

She is a friend and she loves the My Buddies piece and wants it. Nikki
-- Nicole Banks, 8/19/09

Angelique Renee' Washingtonyour art is extremely expressive, imaginative, conceptually diverse and very creative...each piece is more vivid than the next, just splendid...
-- Angelique Renee' Washington, 5/25/09

hey i'd love for you to design a logo for samantha styles.
-- Samantha Hudson, 6/20/08

 Tanya LydaChicago, IL773-314-6333