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NeoPop Art

Artist directory :: NeoPop Art

Neo Pop art, a gallery of imaginative characters and subjects. Unique, bold and colorful illustrations. A new generation of POP and Icon art that merges the abstract imagination with the digital canvas creating fresh possibilities and interpretations.

NeoPop Art


Tanya Lyda 
Hi Welcome to my gallery of diverse and unique art. My background is Graphic Design and Visual Communication. As you will see I have been influenced by the works of Andy Warhol, Milton Glaser, Peter Max and Picasso. I am very interested in pushing the envelop of design into the next level of Pop Art. NeoPop! Art is my interpretation of that next level. It is reactive and offer a different perspective on digital character and iconic art. My designs are bold, colorful images that invite the viewer to use their own interpretation of what that image may represent to them. The PopStar images are experimental subjects. I've always wanted to create the emotions of a painting, capture the boldness of a fresco and merge abstract...


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2108 East 98th Pl
Chicago, IL 60617
United States


POPStar Series Digital Pop images of Cultural Icons and Personalities (Click on Images to enlarge)
NeoPop! Unique and funky NeoPop!art (Click on Images to enlarge)
Confettiart I enjoy whimsical characters and children's art. (Click on Images to enlarge)
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