Day 2

I nearly forgot! In fact it's almost 1am, having trouble sleeping so I am on the computer trying to make myself tired. Don't like these sleepless nights and I seem to get more of the lately. Yuch!

Drove home from work today to my Panda class with the sunshine streaming through the car window and warming me through. Lovely, really autumnal and uplifting. As I drove past all the mummies and daddies picking up their children from school, I was suddenly taken back ten years in my mind to a time when I would have been picking up my own children and taking them home, asking all the usual questions about how their day had gone. For a moment I was completely back in that time as though the last ten years hadn't happened. Time is so odd. sometimes it seems to move more quickly than others like on the days when you get so much done in a short period of time but another day in exactly the same period of time, you struggle to get anything done.

Today made me realise just how quickly time is passing and how important it is to use the time we have wisely. I have so many goals and ideas right now which I want to see come to fruition. The hardest thing is waiting for the moment to be right, to wait for everything to drop into place so that things can progress. Patience is indeed a virtue but could it hurry up just a little please?

Liking the blog thing, wonder if anyone is reading it?



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