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Well! Big news for Panda Club. We have a change of venue. From now on i will be running Panda Club aswell as all things Panda Art based from my new studio at Creative Hinckley, a newly restored building which is specifically designed for all things creative.

It is a truly wonderful building and I count myself to be very lucky to have obtained a studio there. The studio is just perfect! Light, airy, clean and warm. Couldn't have asked for anything more perfect from which to run the classes. The new site means that I can also open the classes up to a much wider audience and will advertise in local press shortly. I have given all current and past Panda's the chance to book up classes first as we go back a long way and I would love to keep as many Panda's as possible to give them a chance to experience the class in an environment specifically made for creativity.

The Creative Hinckley building also has a lovley cafe for parents dropping off and picking up children. A little 'me' time should you wish to wait in the building. Nearby we also have a leisure centre, you could fit in a quick swim or a trip to the gym whilst the children are at Panda Club. Should you wish something less energetic (!) the shopping centre is within walking distance. So,something for everyone!

I will be running classes every afternoon from 4pm to 5.30pm for years 3,4,5 and 6. (mixed age group classes which I know from experience work very well) This should make things easier if you have children of different ages wanting to attend classes. For years 1 and 2 I will be running a class on a Saturday morning from 11am to 12.30.

Limited spaces are available as I have kept the class size to 8 per session. Book early to ensure you get the day that suits your schedule best.

Once classes are full I will begin a waiting list.

I will also start art classes for adults in a morning shortly. If you are interested please let me know by contacting me on the email address supplied on the contact page or of course by phone.

I am also using the studio space to show my own work and so the Gentle Faces Gallery (new paintings all the time) is available for viewing should you wish to see the paintings face to gentle face!(Ooh! by the way I have a table at the Crafted show to be held at the Atkins building, Creative Hinckley on Saturday June 18th so pop in and say hi!)

So! That's the exciting news. I cannot wait to get started! The studio looks amazing, all new furniture and lots of arty stuff to work with. I have lots of art ideas and can't wait to get the children back to creating works of art in their most excellent Panda way.

I hope to see many 'old' Panda's soon and look forward to meeting many 'new' Panda's.

Take care, xxx


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