Friends and I
Born in Ottawa Ontario, November 1949.
Proud to be a Service Brat.  And that about says it all!

B.A. University of Victoria, History of Art major, Visual Arts minor, 1981
Mother, wife and happy semi-recluse.
Currently (since 1967) living in Canada's Mediterranean and hoping to stay here.

I love to draw and paint or do just about anything to express the feelings I experience  being around or thinking about our fellow creatures.

I imagine you can see that dogs are just about my favorite other beings in this world, but in the end they all hold a large warm part of my heart.  And I feel so lucky that I can spend the time immersed in making these pictures and that there are people out there that tell me that they share those feelings.

Thanks for letting me know that you are one of those people.

Pat Reeve-Brown
Victoria BC
February 18 2014


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