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-- Jeramy, 2/17/22

Hello Pat, Thank you for publishing your beautiful artwork, but from reading the About section, I don't think it's work at all:). I found your page because I was watching an episode of The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp called One, and it was about The Dry Gulch Gang. Since he was a non-fiction character I look up some episodes to get more historical info about that time, and when I Googled Dry Gulch Gang, I landed on your Rabbits page. I'm sure if I found an old historical outlaw story I would not have had the adoring smile that came across my face if I hadn't been gazing at the most adorable rabbits. When I saw dogs on the menu, I viewed all of them, and one in particular held me a little longer, it was Old Sam. My last dog's name was Sam; he was a Golden Mix with the perfect blend of caution and utter silly love. Dogs are also my most favorite creature next to humans, and honestly I think I love them more than most of them. I just wanted to take a moment to say I appreciate your work - oh that's right, it's not work. It doesn't look it either; it looks like pure pleasure. Cheers
-- Suzanne, 10/10/21

hi :)
-- Kristjan Gislason, 9/1/14