Patricia Ann Almonte Patricia Ann Almonte, Artist
"I dream of painting and then I paint my dream." Vincent Van Gogh


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I loved the winter one, could I order it as a print on a holiday card?
-- Elaine May, 5/18/15

Impressive body of work and a top notch website. I'm so proud of you!
-- Bobby Newman, 5/15/15

They are all beautiful. I have one of your very first pieces.
-- Ann Almonte, 5/13/15

Stunning Patti Ann...I'd love to visit your studio and perhaps commission a painting of my "country home" in all its colors...Congratulations on a beautiful website!!
-- Colleen Barry, 5/13/15

Absolutely beautiful works of art!
-- Colleen Armington, 5/13/15

Absolutely beautiful.. I love your paintings .. the website looks great!!
-- Joanne Lurgio, 5/12/15

Patty , Such beautiful paintings!!!!
-- Carol Brawn, 5/12/15