Artist Statement
I hardly remember a time when I wasn't drawing, coloring or painting. While raising my family, I put away my paints for embroidering on my jeans and creating with macrame. In 2000 I began experimenting in watercolor with books from the library and taking classes from local aritists. I joined artist groups, entered art shows and met many fine Sonoma County artists.

My continuing workshop studies have included intensive sessions with well known local artists.  I also paint weekly, at a shared studio, with four watercolor artists of diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging interests.They support, influence  and inspire my art. 

Recently I have been involved in teaching art classes for National Arts Day. I found it personally rewarding and most needed in our public schools, especially given current economic times. Through teaching children, I learned how to communicate through demonstrations and to inspire by empowering them with drawing skills and confidence in themselves as artists.

Watercolor is a medium that lends itself to spontaneity and taking chances. It is often said that watercolor is the most difficult medium in which to work, but I find it the most enjoyable and at times, surprising! For example, in the detail painting of fur, paws and animal eyes, or in the loose distant clouds, hills and trees, all in beautiful transparent watercolors.


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