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Still Life & Flowers Still Life & Flowers
A collection of original oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings,

Portraits Portraits
Watercolor paintings of some of my most favorite people and animals.

Landscapes  Landscapes
Watercolor and acrylic, original paintings of some of my favorite landscapes and locations.

Ren's Fine Art & Secret Recipes Ren's Fine Art & Secret Recipes
My Art/Cookbook represent some of my art, favorite quotations, ideas, lifestyle and 21 of my most delicious Louisiana recipes. Special offer : Taxes and and shipping included in quoted price for a limited time. 102 pages
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Artisan Water Carafe Artisan Water Carafe
My Artisian Water Carafe are all original hand painted and signed wine bottles.  No two are alike. Accent colors are Silver, Gold or Copper. Bottle stoppers are included.They are great to use wherever water is needed.  I keep one filled by my stove but they also add a unique touch to a dinner table, wine tasting party, guest room bedsides or any celebration.  They make great hostess gifts.

Renditions Goddess Collection Renditions Goddess Collection
Hip scarfs and accessories designed by Ren for use in Belly Dancing, Latin Dancing, Zumba, accessorizing jeans, tights, skirts or pants.  Also as bathing suit covers. Some of the designs can also be worn as a mini skirt. Another option is a shoulder scarf.

All of the designs are original, most are one of a kind or limited editions. Coins, bells and jewelry are added to create sound, movement and feminine, visual, enhancement.

The collection will be updated as designs are created

Artisian Signs ~ I Hope you Dance Series Artisian Signs ~ I Hope you Dance Series
In my sign gallery I'm using my paintings as backgrounds.  I've always been inspired by quotations and beautiful words of inspiration.  I hope my dance series signs will inspire you to dance and embrace the magic of expressing your soul through music.
Keep checking back, I plan to Honor my next favorite subject wine, in future signs.

3D Mask 3D Mask

My 3 D mask are embellished with beads in an effort to increase your interest and desire to wear your mask. I my intentions is to lift your spirit, motivate you to stay safe and spread joy!

Original fine Art and Designs by Artist Ren Daniels

 Ren DanielsSan Diego, CA858 335 5617