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*  Pieces For Sale *  * Pieces For Sale *
These carvings are for sale. All are one of a kind pieces and availability changes frequently. Prices are based on hours of work involved in each piece. Remember, where price is concerned, the "Devil is in the Details"

 * Relief Wall Panels & Signs *   * Relief Wall Panels & Signs *
These carved wood panels are 30" tall and 6' long made of Bass wood. Comissioned for a log home in Colorado. Reproductions in bronze are available

* Railing Bears * * Railing Bears *
These carved wood action bears are caught climbing over the railings. 5 carved bears in all on this house ranging from 3' to 7'6".

* Free Standing Bears * * Free Standing Bears *
Carved wood bears. More detailed and expressive than your average roadside chainsaw bears. With these bears you can almost sense what they are thinking.

* Wall Hangings * * Wall Hangings *
These carved wood faces are direct from the forest floor. As I gather these naturally aging pieces of wood I find the beginings of faces. From there it is just a matter of bringing them out.

* Walking Sticks * * Walking Sticks *
Dragon topped wood walking sticks carved from Aspen trees. Sculpted with or without lower faces, wizards etc.

* Other Carved Critters * * Other Carved Critters *
Bears are popular but imagination is the limit. If you can dream it up, I can create it. Large or small, variety is the spice of life.

* Totems & Cigar Store Indian * * Totems & Cigar Store Indian *
Carved wood Cigar Store Indian. 5'6" tall carved from Ponderosa Pine.

* Fun Stuff  * * Fun Stuff *
During our years in the video store my husband and I had the oportunity to create many interactive displays. This section is a sampling of the creations of that era and other misc art works.

* Snow Sculptures * * Snow Sculptures *
There is an Event in Nederland CO called Frozen Dead Guy Days. Four years ago they sponsered a snow sculpture contest. As the winner Karen was asked to create a sculpture in the rounabout in the center of town where the opening ceramonies take place each of the next three years.

 Karen "Roni" AdlerRollinsville, CO303-258-7761