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Roni Art Wood Sculpture

Artist directory :: Roni Art Wood Sculpture

Carved wood scupltures of bears, cigar store indians, walking sticks, wall hangings, wooden faces, carved signs, custom art of all types.

Roni Art Wood Sculpture


Karen "Roni" Adler 
Karen “Roni” Adler grew up on a small farm in California surrounded by the untamed beauty of the costal mountains. Her mother was an art teacher who inspired her and stimulated her creativity. She has spent countless hours sketching and now applies this experience to wood. “While I can make a sketch look three dimensional, it is still flat. Sculpting allows all three dimensions to flow together, releasing the spirit in the wood.” Karen has now lived high in the Colorado Rockies for over 25 years. As she walks her Golden Retrievers enjoying the forest each morning, naturally shaped pieces of wood call out to her. Each individually hand carved sculpture captures the beauty of the wood and the spirit within. Though working mostly on a commission...


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P.O. Box 69
Rollinsville, CO 80474
United States


*  Pieces For Sale *  These carvings are for sale. All are one of a kind pieces and availability changes frequently. Prices are based on hours of work involved in each piece.
 * Relief Wall Panels & Signs *  These carved wood panels are 30" tall and 6' long made of Bass wood. Comissioned for a log home in Colorado. Reproductions in bronze are available
* Railing Bears * These carved wood action bears are caught climbing over the railings. 5 carved bears in all on this house ranging from 3' to 7'6".
* Free Standing Bears * Carved wood bears. More detailed and expressive than your average roadside chainsaw bears. With these bears you can almost sense what they are thinking.
* Wall Hangings * These carved wood faces are direct from the forest floor. As I gather these naturally aging pieces of wood I find the beginings of faces.
* Walking Sticks * Dragon topped wood walking sticks carved from Aspen trees. Sculpted with or without lower faces, wizards etc.
* Other Carved Critters * Bears are popular but imagination is the limit. If you can dream it up, I can create it. Large or small, variety is the spice of life.
* Totems & Cigar Store Indian * Carved wood Cigar Store Indian. 5'6" tall carved from Ponderosa Pine.
* Fun Stuff  * During our years in the video store my husband and I had the oportunity to create many interactive displays. This section is a sampling of the creations of that era and other misc art works.
* Snow Sculptures * There is an Event in Nederland CO called Frozen Dead Guy Days. Four years ago they sponsered a snow sculpture contest. As the winner Karen was asked to create a sculpture in the rounabout in the center of town where the opening ceramonies take place each of the next three years.


A new medium for Roni Art
Karen is happy to have this new place to display her art work.

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