Savior Elmundo's works are profoundly moving compositions which envelop the viewer with the very visibility of their formal processes.

A fresh update on Jackson Pollock, Elmundo's gestural works are infused with pervasive color and gloss, resulting in an incomparable vibrancy and spontaneity. Through layering up to ten compositions upon any given canvas, Elmundo achieves a textural complexity which takes time to decipher even as it grips the viewer instantaneously. Behind the dense web of poured and splattered lines this New York native artist unravels an emotional spindle as dense as his own heritage. His process is rooted in the rituals of NATIVE LATIN INDIAN  ceremonies, which he believes help him to bring out "strength and boldness into the scribbles, the lines, the background color, the force of the paint splatters." He transfers the angst of an unresolved adolescence into deeply spiritual works which are bold and self confident, energetic to the point of being riveting.

In his collage works, Elmundo utilizes all mediums (acrylic, enamel, spray paint, markers, records, and many more) to create a moment in time, a nostalgic journey that captures eras of pop culture, fashion, music, and film. 

His art has been featured in numerous solo and group shows in NYC and LA, appealing to avid art collectors and art lovers who appreciate his perspective, energy, and creativity.  Elmundo also helps other artists through his art movement called "Collage NYC," which began in 2009 and continues strong today.  A weekly event that welcomes artists to come together and paint live.  Art enthusiasts gather to enjoy the positive community that is "Collage NYC."  

 It's a New York City art movement, bringing artists together for one cause; recognition and an opportunity for them to sell their art.  Collage brings back the 70s and 80s when Keith Haring and Basquiat were doing live painting events and parties in the Lower East Side and SOHO.  Bringing all mediums; art, film, and music together.~ Savior Elmundo

Born in Harlem, New York, Savior Elmundo has practiced art mediums as diverse as hip hop breakdancing and independent filmmaking. His films have appeared in numerous festival circuits, including showings at the New York Film Festival and the HBO International Latino Film Festival . 


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