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I have not seen your work in many years ~ since meeting you at the gallery in Encinitas a zillion years ago. I like what I see here. Ari was very impressed that you enjoyed Finance as she failed the subject at SDSU!
-- Andrea J Chillak, 8/1/22

Nice work, Sharon.
-- Emma Muzzy, 8/31/21

Glad I got to see all your different artwork! I'd have to say my favorites are the scenic, flowers, abstracts, the flags, birds and people! And the pastels are gorgeous!!
-- Diana Tracy, 11/19/20

Keep in touch!
-- Christina Gustin, 12/14/18

Hi Sharon: Lovely website, your art is very impressive (& your photo too)
-- Gayle Harris, 4/5/18

-- Susie Bellaire, 10/14/17

Sharon! I thought the Crescent Beach ones were my favorite until I saw the Orchards! Your art just keeps becoming more beautiful. I get a feeling of serenity from the work, yet you use such joyful, bright colors, it is a wonder to me how you do it. Always look forward to receiving your newsletter. Thank you for sharing in this way!
-- Aimee Gregory, 1/1/14

Better late than never! Joyce
-- Joyce Stephenson, 8/21/13

The site looks great!
-- Daniel Pak, 10/30/11

Very nice!
-- Rick Bixby, 9/26/11

Hi There. Keep me informed on cool new happenings!
-- Corinne Crabs, 9/16/11

Sharon! Your work is so inspiring. Aimee
-- Aimee Jo, 9/4/11

Karen HowardI have to say that your suede portraits are wonderful! I hope that you continue to work on that surface. I've used the violet for seascapes and I've seen Alicia use it for still life. Great web site! Karen
-- Karen Howard, 7/30/11

Sharon L. FordHi!
-- Sharon L. Ford, 4/29/11

Great Sharon!
-- Brent Ford, 4/26/11