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Sharon L. Ford

Artist directory :: Sharon L. Ford

My artwork is a visual communication, using subject, color, patterns, texture and line to express a feeling. Enjoy the experience! "Art is not what you see but what you make others see." ~Edgar Degas

Sharon L. Ford


Sharon L. Ford 
Art has played an integral and interesting part of my life. My parents and teachers encouraged me. At Portland State University I majored in Education. We were required to have two minors. One of my minors became fine art and the other finance. Finance is my career and art is my passion. It gives balance to my life.


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San Diego, CA 92124
United States


Other Artwork These are the paintings completed in the last few years.
Landscapes 45 items
Animals 19 items
Still Life 27 items
Abstract Paintings Recently, a visit to Art Gallery of Ontario, and an exhibition by Rita Letendre "Fire and Light" inspired me to do more mixed media abstract paintings.


Crazy Times and Crazy Inspirations 2
The following pastels of birds kept me inspired.

Crazy Times and Crazy Inspirations

Dabbling with Pastel Portraits
During the pandemic lockdown I have been dabbling with pastel portraits. One was of my granddaughter Frankie Rose now 17 months old.

Lock Down Inspirations
Creative inspiration has not visited me since March 16th! Why not? Pastel Portraits are a challenge I am working on from time to time.

Undeclared Boundaries Feb 2020
Five Female Artists Great Show!

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