9 th & 10 th of August, 

2015 Stilligumish Festival of The River.
Great fun at the Jordan River park Arlington, Washington

8th & 10th this weekend See shedart booth say "the humpies are back" and recieve a a second portrait for free.  

What a fun time! Pastel Portraits and Salmon Drawings. Three full days.
Who is Brian R Lindsay?
I was born November 1953, Los Angeles California. I am married to my wife, Nancy. We enjoy our 4 sons and 8 grandchildren. I am pursuing a career as a Professional Civil Engineer for the past 30 years. For myself I discovered art at an age of 8 years old. I have enjoyed oil painting throughout my life. My first experience with exhibiting art work was at 16 years old, for the Edmonton Klondike Days in Alberta Canada. In the 70’s I studied copper print making at the New Westminster Art Gallery work shop in BC Canada. In the 80’s, I had a very good experience as the owner / curator of Art Studio 86 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In the 90’s I studied the art of nude figure drawing at the Bellevue College in Washington State. For the 2000 millennium, I entered the Sister Wendy’s art contest for the image of Jesus 2000 millennium. The image I created is now archived at University of Notre Dame. I have completed many oil paintings and drawings throughout my 50 years of painting.
For the past two years I have been pursuing my god given talent as an oil painter and artist. I am not saying that I wasn’t an artist all my life, I have been. I am now promoting myself for the American Dream, to be free in the pursuit of happiness. As Van Gogh and Turner would know your best work can be achieved in troubled and kayo tic times of ones life. Art in my life is calming.

Pricing of my works are negotiable. Prints may be acquired for $30.00 per square foot plus shipping and handling.


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looks good on the wii
-- Troy, 10/17/11