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New New (25 items)
8" x 10" prints may be unmatted or matted to 11" x 14".
11" x 14" prints may be unmatted or matted to 16" x 20".
Printed on Kodak metallic paper for added shimmer.

Connect (Greeting Cards) Connect (Greeting Cards) (12 items)
Sold in sets of five with matching envelopes. Each greeting card is blank inside and features a 4" x 6" photo mounted on 5" x 7" high quality linen cardstock. Photos are printed on Kodak metallic paper for added shimmer.

Inhale (Flowers) Inhale (Flowers) (36 items)
Elegant and beautiful!

Explore (NYC) Explore (NYC) (28 items)
The Big Apple!

Explore (Europe) Explore (Europe) (18 items)
Ciao! Bon jour! Hallo!

Explore (Other) Explore (Other) (6 items)
Where shall we go?

Shadows & Reflections Shadows & Reflections (11 items)
Can a shadow look in the mirror?

Admire (Animals) Admire (Animals) (6 items)
Animal lovers unite!

Speak (Words) Speak (Words) (4 items)
It's only words...

Potpourri Potpourri (6 items)
What's in here?

Behold (Portraits) Behold (Portraits) (5 items)
Say cheese!  Available for freelance

Listen (Musicians) Listen (Musicians) (11 items)
Get photos of your gig!  Available for freelance 

Exhibit (Vineapple) Exhibit (Vineapple) (13 items)
October 1, 2012 - October 16, 2013
Vineapple Cafe, 71 Pineapple Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
PartyFriday, December 7, 2012; 7pm - 10pm

Exhibit (Bklyn Hts Cinema) Exhibit (Bklyn Hts Cinema) (15 items)
October 11, 2011 -  December 11, 2011
Brooklyn Heights Cinema, 70 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201