Art competitions. we all have entered and some times we get in, and some times we don't.  We look at who's judging and go to their website to see what type of art they do and try to think of what we can paint that will help us not only get in to the show but hopefully win a prize.  We've all done it.

I've done it over the years and finally I've come to the place where I paint what I want and if the juror puts it in the show, great, and if the judge gives me an award, an added bonus.

There are some shows out there, national shows, that are prestigious, and getting in to them is the pay off.  They are nice resume boosters.  It's icing on the cake if you happen to get a ribbon or award.   These are the shows that I like to concentrate on as they make me challenge myself to grow as an artist.

Local art shows are great to be in the circle of artists that you see and paint with more on a regular basis.  I encourage my students who want to continue to improve to enter shows, challenge themselves to try new things and to get their work out there.  I enter the shows to support my local art associations and to gain exposure for possible new art students and demo opportunities.   

If you are not to that point yet where you want to enter the shows, then GO to the shows at least.  Go to your local art association shows to see what is out there. See the different styles and mediums that are artists are doing.

Go to bigger shows that you really would like to get in to. See what is getting in to these shows and make goals. If you can't travel to them, most larger shows are online now so you can see the pieces.

The art world is vast but a small community as well. As you travel in the circles of the shows, artists and styles that you like, you'll start to see the same names.  If you want to be one of those names, paint, paint, paint and make goals but give yourself time to make mistakes.  Because in those mistakes are planted the seeds of growth.   Happy Painting.


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