Cad. Yellow Light Chart
Tired of getting frustrated with trying to match the perfect color? I have a simple solution, STOP trying!! The local color is there in front of you. You just need to match the light source's TEMPERATURE. I have designed 12 color charts that have a total of 360 very simple color note mixes that show the TEMPERATURE of the local color, not the color itself. You also get links to Easy How-To Videos that will help guide you through mixing the color notes properly. In the 20 years of teaching color, this is the simplest and most effective way to achieve color harmony with any painting medium you work in! 
~Buy the set of Primaries (6 charts) for US$39.95. 
~Buy the set of Secondaries (6 charts) for US$39.95. 

Purchase both at the same time for US$69.95 and save $10.00 off the total price! Savings of over US$90, the workshop value is $160 total!  Start creating your personal charts, with the brand of paints you love, today!

Cad Yellow Medium Chart
Alizarin Crimson Chart
Cad Red Light Chart
Cerulean Blue Chart
Ultramarine Blue Chart


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