Loved the workshop and I am looking forward to painting and sculpting along with you all.
-- Daniel Kilgore, 3/28/22

Beautiful works! You are a major talent. I will brag about you when the topic of Art comes up. Wishing you continued success my friend.
-- Gene Azarskis, 1/7/22

Beautiful artwork. Nice chatting with everyone at the Colour in Your Life zoom. Happy painting
-- Denise Brown, 3/30/21

Oils...portraits...color combos...light and dark...background interest to show off subject...want to learn. Thanks
-- Win, 3/12/21

Hi Richard, any thoughts on creating an online video(s) of your portrait process we can purchase similar in the vein of Streamline Art videos. Cheers,
-- Elizabeth Corish, 3/4/21

It was so great to chat. I so look forward to more chats and hopefully meeting in person. All my best to you and your loved ones during this time. My best to you Richard
-- Naomi Edelberg, 2/16/21

I really enjoyed the ColorInYour Life video on utube. Learned so much
-- Marie Ellen Harty, 6/27/20

Use of light is fabulous, and as with most portraits the eyes really do have it.
-- Patrick Kilduff, 6/7/19

Interested in your Thursday plein air workshops.
-- Jan Carre, 2/28/18

Hi Richard, I see why you broke out of the commercial art. Now you have the liberty to breath.. I would be interested in your plein air classes. email me Thanks Mark Diehl
-- Mark Diehl, 12/10/17

Interested in plein air group. Can you please add me to your information list? Thank you
-- Mary Secor, 11/13/17

Hi Rich, I just moved to the Portland are (after moving to Bend 6 years ago) and unpacked some art including a portrait by you (of a serious man with a short white beard) and thought I'd see what you're doing now. I'm focusing on writing... about painters. Hope all is well. Best, Lori
-- Loril Lyn Greenstone, 11/4/17

Hi Richard, just been checking out your amazing work, wish we had someone like you in Australia locally that did plein air classes as cheap as yours. I hope you remember me, I met you at the pub with Graeme. x
-- Roslyn Oakes, 9/5/17

I would like to hear about your plein air trips and museum trips.
-- Patti, 2/2/17

Dear sir , you are an honest Artist, I have ever seen ,I wish to be your student, Best regards. Zaree
-- Zaree Khan, 1/29/17

I am very keen in portrait oil painting and wish to learn from you. Please add me in your guestbook. Thanks very much!
-- Shirley Chiong, 11/12/16

Hi Richard: I just emailed you about your classes in Vista. Also interested in getting the plein air news regarding painting locations. Thanks so much! Ann
-- Ann Kraft, 11/11/16

Interested in expanding my life-long commitment to illustration . . . your portraiture is very inspirational
-- Estelle Deridder, 10/19/16

Richard I have enjoyed the last demo in community center.I like to know more about your class and cost.please put me in your list for future events.thanks Kamal
-- Kamal Tehrani, 10/14/16

I would like to receive your newsletter.
-- Janice Tortoriello, 9/2/16

Hello Richard! I would be interested in joining upcoming Museum excursions with the group.
-- Nora Ford, 7/29/16

interested in plain air classes
-- Kathe Graham, 6/20/16

see you at your next show!
-- Scott Thom, 4/17/16

I am so inspired by your artworks. I am 70 and have been doing art on and off my whole life. In my humble opinion, you are the best artist I have ever seen. Thank you for posting.
-- Terry Holmes, 3/21/16

Love the site
-- Daris, 3/19/16

Dear Mr. Stergulz, I thank you very much for your video at youtube - the painting of chef. It is shame that I am living in India and I cannot see your live demo. Kind regards, Ivana
-- Ivana, 3/11/16

Your demonstration today was a great inspiration to me, thank you for following your heart!
-- Debi Elliott, 3/3/16

Loved the way you painted the chef! A question please - when you sketched in charcoal first, did you use a fixative otherwise how did the charcoal not smudge? Love your loose style and would love to do a masterclass with you but alas, I live in Australia!
-- Gaye Boltong, 2/10/16

Really enjoyed the demo on CIYL. Loved your loose painting of the chef and great tip about downward paint strokes to avoid reflections. Would love to do a Plein Air session with you but not an option for me in Ireland. Regards, John
-- John Hearne, 1/28/16

Lovely work, Richard! I was just introduced to your work on The Colour in Your Life video. I wish I were closer, to take your classes (putting it out there!).
-- Cate, 1/27/16

Please add me to your email list for upcoming events. Also date & location of Temecula class.
-- Nora Ford, 1/7/16

I have great respect for your skills, Richard.
-- Pamela Becraft, 1/3/16

Interested in plen air sessions
-- Mary Ann Cosgrove, 12/9/15

I'm enamored...! Thanks for the juried show in Menifee, Loretta@ Dragonfly Studios 74
-- Loretta Beckwith, 10/11/15

Beautiful website! Your portaits are stunning! I look forward to taking classes from you!
-- Michele "Mimi" Maki, 10/8/15

You art is amazing! Hope to talk to you soon. I am Chairperson of the Visual Arts Division - Arts Council Menifee. 951-587-7700
-- Linda Morrison, 9/19/15

I am a member of the SD Portrait Society and saw your demo 9/10/15. Please add me to your email list. Thanks!
-- Jean Collins, 9/11/15

I am interested in taking watercolor workshops and classes in Orange County
-- Sudha Agrawal, 7/6/15

I'm interested in taking art lessons from you, can you send me a schedule and pricing? I'm a member of the Temecula Valley Art League, Jeannie Webb's sister...FYI Thanks, Glenda Palmer
-- Glenda Palmer, 6/12/15

Shows where and when? I cannot make 6-10-15. Please add me to your guest book Thank you. Beautiful paintings.
-- Pamela Ouellette, 6/8/15

Met you in Anza today, the 24th of April. Please add me to your list and let me know of upcoming classes! Thanks!
-- Sandra Crouch, 4/25/15

Hi Rich. I'm in the group of painters you help at the Anaheim Community Center and would like to be in your email list for future workshops or outings to view works in exhibitions. Thank you!---Joyce
-- Joyce Ono, 3/21/15

Love your works!
-- Jem Marasigan, 12/18/14

Looking for skill building in watercolor.
-- Carole Degnan, 11/22/14

Rich, I met you last Friday night at the OMA. I really enjoyed talking with you and am a huge fan of your work. I would like to sign up for your event list and future Plein Classes.
-- Rich Evans, 11/11/14

Hi! I loved class today!! Please send me your schedule for all your classes and outtings. Thanks so much! Jane
-- Jane Kellogg, 7/7/14

Love your work! I'm interested in any classes or workshops. Thanks!
-- Jane Kellogg, 6/30/14

Love to plein air paint
-- Kathy Aldrich, 6/11/14

My husband Jerry Callahan has never taken formal art classes. He is interested in learning techniques. I love what I see here. I might even take a class with him!
-- Barbara J Callahan, 5/15/14

I love you works.
-- Helen, 4/29/14

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