My artwork is a mirror to my soul , and to my relationship with the natural world. Animals, plants and natural scenery come to life in my Art. The visions are dreamlike and almost always channeled in a creative process that is usually spontaneous and free of forethought. This results in pieces that are unique from one another and are highly interpretational, making them fun to create and even more fun to view. Different people see different things in my work, and as in life, the more one looks, the more one sees.

I am primarily a Painter, but don’t limit myself. I also create sculpture and illustration to channel my inner connection to the universe and passionate love for all things living. I enjoy using acrylic paints and oil pastels to add layers of bright, rich, organic and emotionally charged colors. My pieces are alive with vibrant, natural movement.

I have been channeling my creativity through this process my whole life, and through the years my work continues to fascinate and sometimes even amaze me. It is a celebration of life. Through my art, i invite you to look into your own soul and to realize that we, as all living things, are all connected to the world and universe with one thing that binds us all . . . .Love.

This is the Essence of Presence.

Please contact for pricing. I can also sell prints and glycies (prints on canvas)


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