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I love your colors.
-- Jenny , 1/11/13

What you do with color,it's softness and textures......deeply spiritual !
-- Ken Dunbar, 11/11/12

Wonderful Love your pallet !
-- Mary Winchell, 1/4/12

Your work is lovely. It ressonates beautifully with my callings. The synchronicities of life never cease to astound me. in peace, Pat
-- Pat Rothchild, 5/27/11

Terrific and not as unexpected as I might have imagined
-- Palmer "Jan" Ward, 1/11/11

I like very vibrant and full of life. Look me up on facebook to see some of my work.
-- Wesley Evans Sr., 10/13/10

Hi Susan: Wow!! God has certainly given you an awesome gift of creating. You know that He is pleased when His creation creates? Keep painting. . .they're wonderful. Pastor C
-- Pastor Corliss Houck, 9/30/10

Wow what an explosion of color that jumps off your canvas,I think their terrific! Glad I joined this web site,if you have some free time I like to read what you think of my work,take care.
-- James Lasenby, 3/3/10

I am totally amazed at what you've become (but not surprised)...your work is but a mirror of the rich path that you set me on (as Mamta) many moons ago.
-- Ben Tropiansky, 3/2/10

Excellent artwork - I am totally amazed!!
-- Tim Carlisle, 1/3/10

I love your art work, Suma. Its so joyful.
-- Janet Youngdale, 10/22/09

Your expressions are opulent with feeling and color.I said immediately, Oh my God, they look like Tarot cards! Oh my God these are images from my book!
-- Teryl Mcgriff, 9/6/09

This is vibrant and beautiful work. thank you for your invitation to view it. i look forward to meeting you and working with you through Lincoln's volunteer program. Gratefully, eBu (510) 531-3111x107
-- Elizabeth Benson-udom, 3/12/09

We just spoke about housing. Nice talking with you and enjoying viewing your artwork. Let's stay in touch!
-- Jean Whittlesey, 11/29/08

good work suma, thanks for turng me onto your gallery
-- Bruce W. Goodell, 8/2/08

Hello, this is Ignacio from ArtsBenicia! I'm glad I was able to see your work. It is wonderfully unique.
-- Ignacio Burgos, 6/27/08

Cat WhippleI love the colors you use, so gorgeous.
-- Cat Whipple, 4/21/08

Wonderful work! So vibrant and bold. Well done Suma!
-- Kari Lacy, 4/15/08

Strong and beautiful work. Thanks.
-- Nel Jansen, 3/25/08