"Going Places, Rainier Valley" Art Interruptions 2018-2020

"Going Places Rainier Valley" artist Susan Ringstad Emery

Susan Ringstad Emery's installation "Going Places, Rainier Valley" features five decorated recycled wheels to highlight environmental responsibility, alternative transportation and symbols for different features of Rainier Valley.  Along with the decorated wheels, colorful painted rocks with related symbols will be placed on the ground plane at random places along the Greenway to delight viewers with the surprise of discovery. 

A wheel with woven cedar strips highlights the indigenous people of the greater Puget Sound region, the weaving was a community project at a weaving workshop at Tulalip Hibulb Cultural Center, some of the cedar was a gift from elder Keeta Sheldon; An iridescent painted fish spotlights the safe near shore salmon habitat and history of fisheries of the Duwamish Tribe; A green garden pea showcases the food innovation of Rainier Valley; Blue waves showcase the water and marine history of Rainier Beach; Red hearts signify unity amongst people and proud diversity of the area, said to be the most diverse zip code in the United States.  

Visit the installation through summer 2020 at the intersection of 46th and S Cloverdale in front of Dunlap Elementary, Seattle.

Cedar Wheel
Green Pea Wheel
Waves Wheel
Salmon Wheel
General Information about this exciting project, sponsoring organizations and artists:

Coming August 2018, Art Interruptions 2018, Temporary Artwork in the Rainier Valley Greenway: South Section.  The Office of Arts and Culture (ARTS), in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT, have selected seven emerging public artists to create temporary art installations in the Rainier Valley Greenway.  These works will be part of Art Interruptions, a project connecting neighborhoods through art.  

The seven selected artists are: Lana Blinderman, Isobel Davis, Angie Hinojos Yusuf, Karey Kessler, Lawrence Pitre, Susan Ringstad Emery, and Miya Sukune. Group photo of all the art interruptors with Greg Davis of Rainier Valley Action Coalition at the bottom of this page (group photo credit Greg Davis).

Working with SDOT and ARTS, selected artists will design and develop a series of small-scale temporary artworks to be installed on city-owned infrastructure from August 2018 through July 2019.  

Winter photo (bottom of page) courtesy David Pedersen

Artists with Greg Davis of Rainier Valley Action Coalition
Painted Stones, Fall
Winter photo courtesy David Pedersen

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