Living in Southern California is enough to inspire anyone, but many trips to the Hawaiian Islands and Montana with my husband, John, have motivated me to capture some of the beauty either on the lens or on canvas.
Originally from Toledo, Ohio, my interest in art developed in my teens.  Sketching portraits was my favorite pastime.  I moved to San Diego in 1982.  I didn't get serious about art until 2000, when I started taking classes, and then picked up a paint brush and hit the canvas. 

I love experimenting with different mediums, however, acrylic and oil are my favorite.  Watercolor and oil pastel are always a challenge, but enjoyable nonetheless.  Scratchboard Art is something I gravitated towards immediately.  The dramatic effect of black and white is exciting.
More recently I have been doing abstracts which is a departure from my normal style.  I have been exhibiting locally and have private receptions from time to time.

Hope you enjoy viewing my own brand of abstracts, but feel free to check out my collaboration with fellow artist Marlene Levitt.  We work together on the same canvas to create the unexpected!  Together we are known as TEMARE

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