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We took a photography class at Crosby Gardens back in the 70’s. I didn’t stick with it.... not as much talent as you!
-- Ginny Feltman, 8/30/20

Nice....taught art for 27 years...
-- Charlie Dressel, 12/2/14

Hi, Terry! Your niece and my daughter-in-law told me about your website. Christy is excited about the triptych you are planning for their living room. I am, too! We had a lovely visit earlier this month. Saying good-bye for another 6 months was hard. Liam and Cameron are (of course) GROWING and maturing too, too fast! Spent July 4 with your mother and Judy who made a spectacular blueberry pie. Your mom seems good -- looks great! I am terribly impressed with your work and your website. Best of luck to you. Maryellen McGregor Don't publish this!
-- Maryellen Mcgregor, 7/13/11

This is wonderful! Very well laid out. You have expanded so much since my last visit. The digital art is great. I could look at it for hours. To me it is serene and calming. Love you!
-- Laurie Foster, 6/29/10

Love it. Do you have anything in the Vince School of Abstracts?
-- Mad Dog, 5/29/10