I was raised in Eastern Oregon where I began my interest in watercolor painting, hoping to capture the outdoor scenery of the Wallowa Mountains. I worked at a large art supply & framing store throughout college which led to my experimentation with many different creative tools along with detailed discussion about them with artists. Meanwhile I received a Bachelor’s in both Studio Art and Graphic Communications from Eastern Washington University and worked as a freelance illustrator summers for different companies and agencies. About this time personal computers were starting to appear and I went from CAD systems and architecture to a more creative or expressive use of computers for art.  After receiving a Master’s Degree in interdisciplinary communications, I went to work for Microsoft where I designed packaging, logos and various user interface elements. After 20 years there, I left Microsoft and moved to Redmond, Oregon to spend more time doing my own art vs. managing other artists.

Although I still work part time as a brand consultant, I am now able to spend more creative time in my home studio experimenting with art tools and techniques, both new and old. While watercolor or ink is my preferred medium, I also enjoy working in colored pencil and acrylic. My style reflects my love of the discipline, tools, colors, and their interactions whether impressionistic or realistic. My subject matter includes detailed depictions of landscapes, natural elements, and animal portraits.


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