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The Paint Geek

Artist directory :: The Paint Geek

Examples of my current paintings, the paint geek process, and how to get in touch for art sales or commissions.

 The Paint Geek


Wendy Wheeler Jacobs 
I was raised in Eastern Oregon where I began my interest in watercolor painting, hoping to capture the outdoor scenery of the Wallowa Mountains. I worked at a large art supply &framing store throughout college which led to my experimentation with many different creative tools along with detailed discussion about them with artists. Meanwhile I received a Bachelor’s in both Studio Art and Graphic Communications from Eastern Washington University and worked as a freelance illustrator summers for different companies and agencies. About this time personal computers were starting to appear and I went from CAD systems and architecture to a more creative or expressive use of computers for art. After receiving a Master’s Degree in interdisciplinary communications,...


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Redmond, OR 97756
United States


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