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 "Fantasy and Visionary Art of Nina Tokhtaman Valetova" by Amasin Art Gallery
The world has seen the works of several talented artists; these artists have always thought out of the box and their works spoke volumes about their creativity and talent. This review will shed light upon the works of Nina Tokthaman Valetova.

Nina Valetova’s use of oils is without a doubt exemplary, the representation becomes all the more special with the creativity of the artist. Figurative and abstract imagery has been very well portrayed by the artist; the experimentation with different colors has also come of well in all the works.  The hallucinatory effect which is conspicuous in several paintings is the result of the perfect blend of oil colors, very few artists in the whole wide world can create such a fine impact.

The theme of fantasy and visionary art has been very well presented in the works, this only goes to show how talented and creative the artist really is. Nina deserves to be extolled for her exceptional creativity. The works also reveal several tales but the viewers must put their heads to good use because she does not present the whole tale, most works need to be deciphered, only smart viewers would be able to do so.

Her works are very enigmatic, at times the viewers feel that the works are frozen in time, the next second they feel that the same works are brimming with life, it becomes very incomprehensible for the viewers to understand the enigma surrounding the paintings. This again goes to show the ability of the artist to keep the viewers on tenterhooks.

Each canvas is unique and presents new stories reveled by the artist, such uniqueness is hard to find elsewhere. The artist has put in a conscious effort to actively experiment with dimension and composition which has given an edge to her works over others, the paradoxical nature of the works has made them much more intriguing than it originally would have been. A viewer who is short of philosophical depth would not be able to comprehend the theme of the different canvases. The artist has dug deep to find irrationality of the modern society and several paintings portray the same. The unpredictability of the modern day society has also been presented in several paintings.

To conclude it is very fair to say that Nina is certainly unique from other artists. She dares to experiment and think out of the box, her experimentation with different oil colors has always paid off, her experimentation with structure and dimension has also been very successful.

Lastly, one needs to have philosophical depth to be able to comprehend her works, her works appear to be frozen in time yet appear lively, the ability to do this is unique and deserves plaudits. Her interpretation of the contemporary society is spot-on; her works reveal her interpretation of the modern and irrational society of ours.


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