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Nina Tokhtaman

Artist directory :: Nina Tokhtaman

Metaphysical realism, fantasy and visionary art

Nina Tokhtaman


Nina Tokhtaman 
"Fantasy and Visionary Art of Nina Tokhtaman Valetova" by Amasin Art Gallery The world has seen the works of several talented artists; these artists have always thought out of the box and their works spoke volumes about their creativity and talent. This review will shed light upon the works of Nina Tokthaman Valetova. Nina Valetova’s use of oils is without a doubt exemplary, the representation becomes all the more special with the creativity of the artist. Figurative and abstract imagery has been very well portrayed by the artist; the experimentation with different colors has also come of well in all the works. The hallucinatory effect which is conspicuous in several paintings is the result of the perfect blend of oil colors, very few artists in the...


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New York, NY
United States


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